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Getting To Know Your Long Island Vascular Doctor

Long Island Vascular Doctor

Doctors hold your life in their hands, yet many people do not know who these people actually are. Where did your vein doctor go to school? Is he or she experienced in your type of vein disease? Does he or she listen to what you have to say? The best vein care depends on a good relationship between the doctor and patient. Dr. Andrew Rochman, Medical Director of Advanced Vein Care Solutions, shares how you can make a stronger connection with your Long Island Vascular Doctor.

How should residents of Plainview, NY get to know their vascular doctor?

Know your own needs. Most of the time, the right vein treatment depends on the patient’s own preferences. Even if the best vein doctor in Long Island examines you and doesn’t appreciate your values, he or she can’t always determine the best course of treatment for you. Look for a relationship in which the vein doctor can offer suggestions based on what you want rather than telling you what you have to do. Your doctor should know you enough to be able to tell someone else what you are like and what you care about. If your doctor doesn’t know your standards, you may not get the kind of care you deserve.

Request equal time. Your appointment is only for a very short amount of time—sometimes even just a few minutes. How can you expect to get to know someone in such a small amount of time? If your Long Island vein specialist is late to your appointment, he or she is spending that time with another patient. You deserve that time too. And even if your time with your doctor is short, let your doctor know if you feel confused or frightened by your condition or feel rushed during your visit. While your doctor is smart, he or she is not a mind reader. If you fail to ask questions or show that you understand what the Vascular Doctor is saying, the doctor will assume you understand and agree with everything he or she is saying.

Put in the work. You might think that a prerequisite for becoming a doctor is being an excellent communicator, but many are not. Instead of relying on the doctor to do everything for you, understand that you have a role to play in your health, too. Bring a trusted friend or close relative with you, particularly when critical decisions are being made. Your companion may be able to ask questions when you are too well mannered or embarrassed to speak up for yourself.

And if at any time you are not completely satisfied with the care you’re getting, say something to your doctor. As an American, you get to decide what happens to your body. If something doesn’t feel the way you think it should when you’re lying exposed on an examination table, say something about it. In Long Island, vein treatment means are in control.

Dr. Rochman takes pride in providing comprehensive, personalized patient care, no matter if you have tiny spider veins or a more pressing circulatory condition. To make an appointment with a vein care specialist in Long Island who cares, call us at 516-821-0242. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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