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A Long Island Vascular Doctor on Why Varicose Veins Sometimes Come Back

Long Island vascular doctorWhen patients visit their Long Island vascular doctor, they may have multiple treatments for veins depending on their condition and the type of treatment used. Most have the expectation that once their treatment is complete, their diseased veins have been sealed off and they will gradually disappear. For the majority of patients, this is exactly what happens. Unlike old-fashioned vein-stripping surgery, modern treatments for varicose veins are highly successful. But for some, the leaky valves that caused their varicose veins to develop in the first place can come back again after a period of time. The same veins that were treated do not come back, but new ones can form.

What a Long Island vascular doctor recommends to prevent recurrence

Varicose veins occur largely due to genetics. If you have them, a close family member probably had them too. There are some things that can increase your risk as well as steps you can take to prevent them from reoccurring or getting worse. Following the steps in conservative treatment can also help you prevent a recurrence of varicose veins. These steps include wearing compression stockings, losing weight if needed, getting plenty of exercise, and lifestyle changes like smoking cessation and consuming less alcohol. Depending on the extent of your vascular health, additional Long Island vein treatment may be required.

When varicose veins recur, visit your Long Island vascular doctor for an evaluation

Our varicose vein treatment specialist in Long Island is always your best resource for diagnosing, monitoring and treating your vein condition. Dr. Andrew Rochman is highly experienced at treating the full range of conditions in the area of vein disease. He uses the most advanced equipment and techniques to get the best results for each patient and has achieved a high success rate in treating all types of vein disease. Call us at 516-821-0242 or go online to schedule an appointment and learn why we are leaders in Long Island vein care.


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