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A Long Island Vascular Doctor on Why Vein Disease Is Worse Than You Might Think

long island vascular doctorWhen varicose or spider veins begin to emerge on your legs, you might dismiss them as a minor cosmetic problem. You may think that Long Island vein treatment is only for women who are older than you or for those who have really severe conditions. The problem with taking an indifferent approach to vein health is that these early symptoms are a sign that something isn’t working the way it’s supposed to. Although as many as half of all people will develop vein disease during their lifetime, neither varicose nor spider veins are normal. Long Island vascular doctor, Dr. Rochman knows that both signal that your circulatory system isn’t working the way it should and you can expect that your symptoms will only get more severe.

Why you should see a spider vein expert in Long Island

Varicose and spider veins are signs that your veins are no longer pumping blood back to your heart efficiently. As blood continues to pool in the veins, the pressure from the fluid can lead to more damage and more severe symptoms. Failing to go to a Long Island vascular doctor when initial symptoms appear will also put you at risk of developing deep vein thrombosis, the development of blood clots deep in the veins of the leg. If the vein breaks free from the vein wall, it can travel to the lung and cause a pulmonary embolism that is potentially life-threatening.

What to expect at a vein treatment center in Long Island

At the center, the vein care specialist will use the most advanced diagnostic equipment to screen for vein disease. Once a diagnosis is made, the Long Island vascular doctor will determine if you need vein treatment and work with you to develop the best treatment for your needs. Dr. Andrew Rochman offers his patients non-invasive diagnostics and minimally-invasive vein treatment for a virtually pain-free experience. Call us at 516-821-0242 or go online to schedule a consultation and get the care you need for vein disease before it gets worse.

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