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A Long Island Vein Specialist on Whether Weight Loss Will Make Varicose Veins Disappear

Long Island Vein SpecialistIf you have varicose veins, you’re not alone. As many as 40 million Americans share your condition, and your concern. If you’ve done a little research about varicose veins, you may have learned that one of the risk factors is being overweight. So naturally, you’d like to know if losing weight will help you get rid of those pesky, bulging veins on your legs. Read on to learn from a leading Long Island vein specialist about the risk factors for varicose veins and the most effective ways to get rid of them – forever.

What do Long Island residents need to know about the risk factors for varicose veins?

Varicose veins are the result of damage or weakening of the little valves inside our veins. These little valves help ensure that blood flows upwards from our feet back to our heart, against the pull of gravity. If the valves aren’t working properly, the blood can move back down and pool in our legs, feet, and ankles. This extra blood is what leads to the swollen, bulging entities we know as varicose veins.

Long Island vein specialist explains that the risk factors for varicose veins are numerous, and include some things we can do nothing about, such as our age and our genetics. People with a family history of varicose veins are more likely to develop them themselves – and there’s not much you can do about that. Half of people over age 50 have varicose veins – and there’s not much you can do about your age, either.

However, a few key lifestyle factors also contribute to the likelihood that you will develop varicose veins. One of the biggest is body weight. Extra body weight puts extra stress on the circulatory system and makes it more likely that varicose veins will develop. Living a sedentary lifestyle doesn’t help either, nor does standing on the feet for long periods of time.

So if I lose weight, will I get rid of those varicose veins?

Unfortunately not. Once you’ve developed varicose veins, they won’t go away on their own, even if you lose weight. However, a visit to a Long Island vein specialist at our treatment center can indeed help you get rid of those varicose veins. We have minimally invasive treatments that work quickly and safely. And if you do lose weight, we can help ensure those veins won’t bother you again. We are here to help you with the weight loss process in addition to helping you select the most effective treatment plan for your existing varicose veins.

The first step is to come in to our clinic for an initial venous health assessment by our vein care specialist in Long Island. This evaluation will include an examination of your legs and some questions about your family and medical history. We might also use ultrasound to “see” the veins deep under the skin. We’ll ask you about your lifestyle, including whether you struggle with weight or exercise, so that we can include strategies for success in your treatment plan. We understand how difficult it can be to lose weight, and our caring staff members have lots of experience helping people improve their lifestyle with the goal of preventing the return of varicose veins.

So give us a call today at 516-821-0242 or go online to get started. We’ll give you a tour of our offices and answer any questions you may have about varicose veins, their treatment, and the lifestyle changes you’d like to make.

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