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A Long Island Vascular Doctor on How Vein Disease Can Keep You From the Things You Love

Dr. Andrew Rochman, a leading vascular doctor on Long Island, explains how vein disease can limit your activities and keep you from doing the things you once loved. What do Long Island residents need to know about vein disease? Vein disease occurs when the little valves inside […]

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10 Things one of the Best Vein Doctors in Long Island Wants You to Know about Veins

As one of the best vein doctors in Long Island, we see a lot of patients with a lot of questions about their veins and vein health. Read on to learn the top things our Long Island vascular doctor wants to share about veins. What should Long […]

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How Delaying Long Island Vein Treatment Can Affect Your Job

Vein disease symptoms, especially spider and varicose veins, can be bothersome, but many people choose to live with them rather than seek Long Island vein treatment. These same people are often self-conscious, embarrassed, and sometimes even a little bit obsessed about hiding their bulging leg veins. But […]

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Long Island Vascular Doctor Warns of Long-Term Effects of Swollen Legs and Ankles

Swollen legs and ankles is a classic symptom of vein disease. When disease strikes, your veins struggle to pump blood and fluids out of your legs. The fluids pool in the affected veins, leaving your legs and ankles swollen and uncomfortable. Although you might be able to […]

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Spider Vein Expert on Long Island On the Unexpected Symptoms Of Vein Disease

Most people assume varicose veins are only a cosmetic concern. As such, they often only seek help from a spider vein expert on Long Island in order to improve their appearance. While aesthetics is certainly reason enough to get treatment, unsightly veins can be a source of […]

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True Facts From A Top Vein Care Specialist On Long Island

What we know about vein disease and treatment these days is remarkable. Yet it’s always shocking to see that millions of people go without seeking help, largely because many people continue to believe hearsay based on rumors and outdated information about the disease. A Long Island vein […]

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A Long Island Vascular Doctor Explains Why Deep Vein Thrombosis Is Such A Serious Condition

It’s possible to develop blood clots in any of the veins in your body, but deep vein thrombosis (DVT) occurs when a blood clot forms in the veins far beneath the skin surface, usually in the legs. People with certain medical conditions and those who are sedentary […]

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A Long Island Varicose Vein Doctor on How Treating Swollen Legs and Ankles Will Improve Your Life

Dr. Andrew Rochman, a recognized expert varicose vein doctor on Long Island, explains how important it is to treat swollen legs and ankles – so important, in fact, it will improve your life! What do Long Island residents need to know about swollen legs and ankles? Many […]

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Why Our Patients Love Long Island Vein Treatment

One of the many great things our patients find out about Long Island vein treatment at our center in Plainview is that there is no painful treatment needed to get rid of the pain of vein disease. We offer state-of-the-art, non-invasive therapies and outpatient surgeries to treat […]

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Another Summer with Varicose Veins? Seek Treatment the Fall from One of the Best Vein Doctors on Long Island

It’s not news that putting something off is a bad idea. If you spent this past summer hiding away with problem veins, you know that the same is true with delaying treatment for varicose veins and spider veins. In fact, the sooner you get vein treatment, the […]

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