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Venous Disease


Venous Disease is a common and highly treatable condition that affects around half of the American population. At Advanced Vein Care Solutions, we strive to make thorough examinations and proper diagnoses and treatments of this disorder.

Veins that are healthy pump used blood from arteries back up to the heart to be reoxygenated by the lungs and heart. Valves in the veins assist in this task by keeping the blood flowing one way, and as your muscles contract, these tiny valves push the blood in the proper direction. When your muscles relax, the valves shut to keep blood from flowing the wrong way.

In a vein with disease, the vein’s walls are weakened or trauma, or the vein valves may have become stretched out or damaged, compromising the blood flow. This fight against gravity creates extreme pressure in the veins, leading to more twisting and bulging of the veins. Signs of vein disease include are broad, but may include spider and varicose veins, swelling and pain in the lower legs, chronic venous insufficiency, skin discoloration, ulcers, and vascular and venous deformities.

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